For Support Providers

Thank you for registering for our 2017 Western Sydney Homeless Connect!



Our WSHC Team may have contacted you earlier this week to confirm your attendance to the 2017 Western Sydney Homeless Connect.

As previously communicated to support providers, unlike previous years unfortunately we do not have access to Parramatta Town Hall for WSHC 2017. Due to these space restrictions we have had to re-evaluate the logistics of fitting more than 50 support providers in Centenary Square, Parramatta for 4 hours on Monday 7th August.

In conjunction with the steering committee it was decided that a rostering system would allow us to allocate specific tents for different areas (Youth, Pets, Government, Migrant and Refugees etc) and allocate services to either a morning/afternoon shift to allow as many providers to participate on the day.

Some attending support services will be providing on-site services including health checks, basic animal checks, applications for ID, hearing checks, health referrals and more. With this in mind importance of having some services available for the full 4 hours so none of our guests miss out and to ensure that all our guests get the most out of their day at WSHC.

A reminder that our rostering system is solely to allocate tent/table time

During the time your service is not on your rostered shift you are more than welcome to leave pamphlets, brochures, and pull-up banners while standing to chat to guests. The services for the rostered time will have priority of space as well as a dedicated table and chairs.

What to bring on the day

Each registered support provider will be allocated to their areas marquee e.g. housing or government; have a table and chairs and a team leader. Please bring your own support and marketing material including pull up banners, pamphlets, brochures etc that you will need to provide support to guests at the event. We encourage you to bring your own refillable water bottle and snacks. We will issue a lunch/food voucher on the day for all volunteers and service providers.

Parking and Vehicle access

Unfortunately there is no on-site parking available for services, volunteers or guests.

The closest carpark is Horwood Place Carpark or Westfield Parramatta. Parking costs are at support providers own expense. Metered street parking is available around Parramatta including on Macquarie Street. Parramatta is a public transport hub with buses, trains and ferries available as transport options. Parramatta Town Hall is located a 2 minute walk away from Parramatta Train Station.

How are guests getting there?

Free travel passes have been distributed to support providers throughout Western Sydney in early July 2017. This includes a range of frontline homeless services such as shelters and crisis centres, large government organisations including Centrelink and Housing NSW offices as well as local community groups, CHPS and support groups.

If you would like any extras for your organisation to hand out to clients please let us know.


Event Information

Monday 7th August 2017, Centenary Square, Parramatta

Arrival time 8.30 am

Compulsory briefing: 9.00am

Official opening: 9.30am

Event doors open: 10.00am

Event close: 2pm

Pack up and sign out: 2.00 onwards


When you arrive

When you first arrive at the event please head straight to the support service check-in desk to sign in before setting up your assigned area. The support service induction for morning and all day services will begin 9am on the dot out the front of the Town Hall. Team leaders will provide an induction for the afternoon services at 11.30am.

The official opening will commence at 9.30 am, with the official event opening at 10am.

The aim of this year is working together like a team! As marquees are going to be shared and organisations working under a roster system, we appreciate your support in making the event run smoothly.

Client Polls

All support services participating in this year’s event are required to complete a client poll tracking the number of guests you assist throughout the day. This client poll will provide an overview of key services used on the day, highlight any gaps and help us improve the event for next year.  Please return this at the end of the day when you sign out. This data is used to populate our social impact report. 


Feedback Survey 

All support services participating in this year’s event are required to complete a feedback survey after the event. This will help WSHC continue to improve the way we run the event, both for services and more importantly our clients and guests. This will also be emailed to you the morning after the event. Please ensure you fill it out. 

Taking photos

We take the privacy of our guests seriously and are sensitive to their circumstances so we ask that services providers refrain from taking photos or videos of guests using their services. We encourage you to take photos of your own staff or other support providers working together (with their permission) and upload to social media with #WSHC17 to promote the event, however please be mindful of guests if doing this. 

We do have a event photographer capturing the day and all the photos will be uploaded onto our Western Sydney Homeless Connect Facebook page. These photographers will be carrying around consent forms for guests and attendees to sign if their photo is going to be taken.  The photographers will be briefed before the event about being sensitive to the nature of the event and circumstances that our guests may be experienicng. If you have any quetsions please let us know. 

Thank you again for your support, we look forward to seeing you on Monday 7th August.

You can contact your Team Leader or Western Sydney Homeless Connect team: